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Our Collaboration With Uhuru Was Not Bought –Bionic And Apex

Our Collaboration With Uhuru Was Not Bought –Bionic And Apex

Fast-rising music duo, Bionic and Apex are set to announce their arrival on the music industry with a new song entitled, ‘Nothing to Something.’ It is the first body of work by the Edo State-born artistes whose real names are Omokhudu Andrew (Bionic) and Omokhudu Daniel (Apex). The talented duo is signed by Resolute Entertainment, owned by their elder brother, Ken Omokhudu. Some of the tracks in the EP include ‘Nothing to Something’, ‘Mayan’, ‘Touch Your Toe’, ‘Call Me’, ‘Eledumare’, ‘New Money’, ‘Get Down’, featuring Uhuru, ‘Inject You’, ‘Ojoro’ and ‘Back Then’, featuring Choco Jay. Getting a high-profile artiste like South Africa’s Uhuru is not a big deal for the acts.

Apex puts this way, “Music to us is an art form, and all great artists understand that the best art work depends on the ability of the artists to express their art as closely to how they envisioned it as possible.

The song ‘Get Down’ was something we thought of and realised that to create the sound and effect we wanted, we needed ‘Uhuru’, not particularly because we wanted to feature someone big but because ‘Uhuru’ has the style and could produce the results we needed and we achieved that.”

The inseparable Bionic and Apex started writing music as early as their mid-teens and consistently honed their song writing skills to professional standards.

“I think, what makes us unique is that our music is basically the embodiment of everything we live for. Our ideals, likes, dislikes, basically tell our story. Our music lets us connect to people, helps them see life as we do. We don’t believe in doing music on impulse. Music to us is art,” says Bionic.

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